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one more medicated peaceful moment

Unoa Love <3
I once read a thread at DoA about dolls people used to dislike but learning to love them after some time. That happened to me with Unoas.

In a hobby where most of the sculpts sport anime-inspired features, the squashed nose and droopy eyes are not something most people would classify as pretty. But those very features which I used to dislike with a passion suddenly seem perfect for the character I had in mind (Rince's sister to be exact). And so I caved in and bought an Unoa Sist at Y!J.

Her name is Coraline (yep, from Gaiman book)

More pictures under the cut...Collapse )
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Almost here!
Bullet Into Foreign Customs, November 28, 2009, 11:39 pm, JAPAN
Bullet Arrived Abroad, November 28, 2009, 11:38 pm, JAPAN
Bullet International Dispatch, November 25, 2009, 6:31 pm, ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)
Bullet Arrival
Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, November 24, 2009, 3:17 pm, DENVER, CO 80266
Bullet Acceptance, November 24, 2009, 11:46 am, BOULDER, CO 80301
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Head on a Stick for Dolpa 22
I dropped by at the Volks Yokohama store to buy the Dolpa 22 Guidebook even though I don't have any Volks doll yet. But for the sake of exploiting the opportunity of being here in Japan without any expenses on my part, I might as well try and experience it. It's funny though since I might get the Volks head (the one I've lusted for since last year) I'm aiming for a few days before the event. But I can't go there with only a head on a stick can I? Well, maybe I can. Lmao.

FS: Soom Glati Fullset (SOLD)
My Glati arrived last October 10, 2009 but he's just sitting on one corner with this gloomy aura surrounding him. I guess the long wait (almost 7 months) took away the excitement and happiness I should have felt had the waiting time been shorter. It actually came to a point when I even forgot that I have a soon-to-be-shipped doll at Soom.

I've also posted a sales thread on the DoA marketplace but ideally I'd like someone from ManikaManila to adopt him. That way, he won't be very far from me. T_T

The little guy will come as:

Glati Head (default faceup)
Teenie Gem Boy Body (sanded, blushed)
14mm default Soom eyes
Default silver wig
Fantasy resin parts with default Soom blushing (horns, hooves, resin wings)
Dress Set (skirt, drawers, corset, cloak, chains)
Feather wings
Manual, MD card & Certificate of Authenticity
Soom box, pillow/cushion, S-hooks for the hooves, head magnets

Price: $645 (+ shipping*)
Location: Yokohama, Japan (non-smoking, no pets)
Layaway: Short layaway is possible
Payment: Paypal (no fees) or BPI transfer
Shipping: EMS* (if asap)
I'm going back to the Philippines on February for a 1.5-week vacation. If someone is interested and adopt him on a layaway, you can save on the shipping fees since I can bring him back with me that time.

For questions, offers etc. kindly email me at blackshrew[AT]gmail.com

Please take note of the following:
- I was stupid enough to place one of the head magnets on the wrong polarity using a strong glue so I used an exacto knife to remove the magnet. Therefore, the slot is not as smooth as before.

- Some of the blushing in the hooves and horns have chipped (nothing major though)

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Another hamster in the family
Yesterday, I dropped by at the Soom Harajuku store hoping that my package is already there even though no tracking number was issued yet. I was supposed to receive him when I was still in the Phil since the original shipping schedule was late July. However, Soom moved that date 3 times because of 'unexpected' delays. Although there was much anxiety over the 7 months waiting time, I guess it was still good because 1) Soom gave me free sanding and 2) I was able to escape the hefty customs fee I would have paid if I picked my package at the Pasay EMS office.

And so without further ado, here is my Soom LE Feb.09 MD (Glati) Kaelith:

What took you so long?
On the 201st day...

*Tama-chan is so cute...*

Through a Doll's Eyes
I could write here a multitude of words that could describe me and still not depict the wholeness of my entity. I could write about the memories of my childhood and still not present the kind of person I was. I could write about the things that happened to me today and still not present the kind of person I am now.

The concept of that person called "Kei/Hardu" is not altogether built by me alone. It was based from the infinite interactions I had with other people - what they say and think about me.

In this case, an inanimate (or not?) thingie decided to give some unsolicited opinion about me.

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Kill the monotony~!
I just got home from the airport after my 2-week stint at Japan which has always been a deadly mix of engrish, slavery and ennui. It's funny that this is my sixth time to visit J and I can say without batting an eyelash that I've wasted all those 6 opportunities to enjoy what the bow-shaped country has to offer. With usually only one weekend for my perversions, a vocabulary limited to ohayou and sumimasen and not to mention the ungodly time I leave the slave house, it is quite impossible to have a life after office hours.

But there are 2 things that I never miss to do in all the times I've been there - first, buy all the assorted flavors Glico has to offer for their Pocky line and lastly, a trip to Akihabara Electric Town. Akiba is the one place in Japan that I will never ever feel left out. Compared to other areas like Shinjuku wherein people straddling their Louis Vuittons and Guccis is such a normal occurrence, on the streets of Chuo-dori with sloppily-dressed otakus and technophiles, only the love for our perversions matter!

Last Saturday, instead of ogling at gadgets,  I spent almost half a day hunting for BJD stuff. I've noticed that SD and MSD items can be found in a jiffy but there seems to be a scarcity for Yo-SD apparels. I ended up buying only 2 sets of clothes, 1 wig, hats, velcros and other accessories. I wanted some sandals for Rince but I couldn't find one so I'll probably burn money again online.

I was supposed to go to Harajuku the next day to visit the Soom store but the weather was very very unpredictable so I ended up staying at my flat, taking pictures (next post) of my tranny Rince (lol) and watching comedy duos and boy bands at the terebi.

(Side note: I refuse to believe that I'm a pedo but I definitely think Ryosuke Yamada is the epitome of a girly boy. HOT.)

Around 2 months from now, I'll be going again at J and this time around I will have 9 months to go around the country. Hopefully, I can get to Kyoto, specifically to Tenshi no Sato to order my tanned F-13 MSD.

Operation Kill Monotony!

LOL. I've been around since June 2007 (August 2004 for LJ) and yet this is the first time that I'll be posting something here! Hoorah!

Don't expect personal stuff here but from time to time I'll break that rule when I'm on cloud nine or in the depths of hell. I'm known for changing my mind far too often so I'd probably scrap that rule a day or two from now. Geez.

But why the sudden interest in multiply when I have my own forgotten domain somewhere and a couple of blogging accounts to boot? The domain is easier to explain because I only have one word for it - laziness. I just couldn't find the time, patience and creative juices to bring up an original design. As for blogging accounts, aside from the universal reason that was already mentioned, it lacks the networking and uploading capabilities of sites like multiply, friendster and the like. On the other hand, plurking just doesn't work for me. Although in the past 4 years I do tend to write in short phrases due to my Engrish upbringing (i.e. Japanese bosses), still there are things that you'd like to expound on more. When you're insanely happy, just saying that "I'm so so happy!" is not enough, there will always be that need to gush and share that drunken feeling.

And right now, I'm feeling a bit happy-o. *grins*

Ike Ike
i still have my blog somewhere. I'm just lazy to configure everything. This is where LJ comes in.

Add me if you want and I'd probably add you.