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one more medicated peaceful moment

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For Sale: Doll Parts
Location: Quezon City
Shipping: Air21, LBC
Contact: Qualadris @ DoA, kupenir[AT]gmail.com
Payment Method: Bank deposit/COD (I can accommodate partial holds and layaway)

I prefer 1/3 girls and tinies so these are up for sale:

1. Distant Memory/Esthy Peroth on SD13 body
2. Migidoll Vampire Miho Head (Volks NS)
3. Soom Sphaler NS Head

Distant Memory/Esthy Peroth on SD13 body (normal legs) - SOLD on layaway


Price: 30,000 php + shipping (SOLD on layaway)

Peroth head on a Volks SD13 body (normal legs)

The resin match is really good as both items are fairly old (2007). I gave the head a faceup yesterday but removed it today. I have cleaned the head to the best of my abilities but you might find some very tiny residues on hard to reach places like the tearducts and lip corners. As for the body, please do not expect it to be like-new. I always handle my dolls with care but some light scratches are inevitable.

I don't have any 1/3 sized doll boxes here so I will send him on a cardboard box with the head not attached from the body to save shipping costs. Of course, both the head and body will be wrapped in lots of plastic bubble wrap.

Note: I will only split if there are buyers for both the head and the body.

Migidoll Vampire Miho Head (Volks NS)

Price: 5,000 php + shipping

Migidoll Vampire Miho that was from Migi's last batch of Volks-matching heads (December 2009).

Damages:[ 1 ] [ 2 ]
1. There's an area on the forehead (near the headcap) that is lighter compared to the color of the head. It appears to be sanded.
2. One of the magnets that hold the head is not properly set.
3. The inside of the head is not smooth.

All of the damages above are already there when I received the head.

Soom Sphaler Head Normal Skin (bread17 faceup) - SOLD

Front, Side 1, Side 2

Price: 7,000 php + shipping (SOLD)

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Question, where's the Migidoll Vampire Miho's Body!? xD

What's your best price on the head?

How low can you go on the migidoll vampire miho head? I would really love to get him since he is my dream doll, but I don't know if I can afford your price.

Edited at 2012-12-04 07:13 pm (UTC)


Does the head comes with the original box?

I'd like to get the billing info on this if this head is still available :)

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