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one more medicated peaceful moment

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It makes me wonder why I waited 1 year before completing her.

And a picture of my Shiwoo twins!

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you!

I'm literally on cloud nine now. She has yet to whisper her name to me but her personality is already coming through. Only a shiwoo can beat a shiwoo. They're just perfect *melts*

Shiwoo twins! So adorable! They make me want to reach into the monitor and give them a *big* squishie! <3<3<3

RINCE is uber adorable and now with his twin ??? *dies from cuteness*

kyuuuu :3 wanna see them badly !

waaa cant wait to see them!!~

wai! ^-^ double cuteness... *dedz*

...they are so cute and even have matching dresses! ^-^ volks cupcakes (right?)

we hope to see them soon! ^-^

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