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one more medicated peaceful moment

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FS: SD13/17 Soom Boots, Alichino Cosplay Outfit
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Shipping: Airmail (no tracking) - approx. 10 days to Philippines
Payment Method: BPI deposit (or paypal)
Contact: Qualadris @ DoA, kupenir[AT]gmail.com

Original DoA Sales Thread

The prices listed below already include shipping (standard airmail, no tracking) and are discounted for MM only.

1. SD13/Gr, SD17/SG Alichino (Tsugiri cosplay) - 2,100 php (SOLD)
2. SD13/17 Soom Boots - 2,500 php (SOLD)

SD13/SDGr/SD17 Alichino (Tsugiri) cosplay - SOLD

I commissioned this outfit from a DoA seamstress with the intention of making Alichino dolls. However, I fell out of love with big dolls so I'm not continuing the project. I paid around $65 for the set exclusive of shipping. The outfit can be worn by both SD13/Gr and SD17/Supergem sizes.

1 Cravat
1 Vest
1 White Shirt
1 Knickers
2 Hose

*On a SDGr body*
Alichino Reference

Price: 2,000 php (SOLD)

SG/SD13/17 Soom boots (AMS0002) - SOLD

Size: Supergem, SD13/17

Soom Listing

Price: 2500 php (SOLD)

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